Plains Playmat

  • Plains Playmat

The Plains from Magic 2010 was my first Magic: The Gathering card artwork and came from visiting Gen Con in 2008. I met an art director there and one month later, I received this commission.

This playmat allows you to see my brushstrokes on the wildfllowers, and see the storm in the background which many players miss at card size. This artwork began before Magic, when I set out to run 2,730 miles in a relay with friends to beat a 25-year old running record of coast to coast. I wrote a book on my experience and this artwork was inspired by that journey. It is one of my favorite artworks I have done and quite unusual where an "early" Magic work is still beloved by an artist!

The playmat is 23-3/4" x 13.5" (60.5 cm x 34.5cm)